Jewelry Care

To keep them in great condition:

1. Remove your jewelry if it could be exposed to strong chemicals that will cause disintegration (chlorine, bleach, etc).

2. 14K gold can be subject to damage and malleability. Remove before any activities that could potentially tug, scratch or bend your jewelry. Examples: sleeping, exercising, heavy lifting, gardening, outdoor work.

3. 14K gold only requires periodic cleaning.
Clean with water and gentle soap. Wipe it dry using a microfibre cloth.

At any point if you need to wipe your jewelry, use only a microfibre cloth (eg. spectacle cleaning cloth). Avoid wiping it with tissue paper as that may leave scratches.

4. If oxidation appears, buff your jewelry with a polishing cloth. Do not use the polishing cloth on gems and do not wash the polishing cloth.

5. When not worn, store your piece dry in an airtight bag to protect it from the elements of daily exposure that would expedite oxidation.