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Seamless Clicker Hoop Ring 8mm

Sold singly.

A staple to wear and completely forget it exists on your piercing. Carefully made with a seamless hinge mechanism for that smooth-hoop look.


Materials & Dimensions

Solid 14k yellow gold. Nickel & lead free.
Needle 1mm thin (18 gauge). Inner diameter 8mm. Holly Gray branded. 14K hallmarked.



Our clickers are:

- 1mm thin. Made for earlobe, ear cartilage and nose piercings.

- Seamless. You'll never catch the clicker in an odd position.

- Made of solid 14K gold. Suitable to sweat, bathe and sleep in.

- Best for healed piercings. Unsuitable for fresh or infected piercings.


Wearing Instructions

Our clicker is 1mm thin and malleable with force. We recommend you leave it on, do not remove it after every wear to reduce manhandling. They are best suited for piercings you do not intend to switch out often.


Before Purchasing

Use a ruler to gauge a suitable inner diameter for your piercing. 

Also available in 6mm / 7mm.




Sold singly.

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