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Snake Chain Necklace

A sleek and minimal chain for an ultra fine and luxurious shine on the neck. Perfect for layering.


Materials & Dimensions

Made in solid 14k yellow gold. Nickel & lead free.

Chain width 0.7mm.

Model wears 38cm in the single chain photo, layers both 38cm and 40cm in the double chain photo.

Chain Knowledge

A snake chain is built with minimal gaps to give an appearance of a thin, seamless stream of gold. These gaps may catch finer hairs and it is characteristic of this chain type. While hair trapping has not occurred from our own wear, it may be dependent on the fine hairs of an individual.

Due to the tiny interlocking links in this 0.7mm chain, it cannot be repaired in an occurrence that it snaps.

Wearing Etiquette 

This is an ultra fine 0.7mm thin chain that is delicate and cannot withstand against strong tugs or impacts. Not recommended for caregivers handling babies and toddlers. Takes pendants up to 4g.

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