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Trisquare Diamond Labret Ear Stud

Sold singly.

The trisquare diamond labret is a call for adventure. Its climbing steps add a fun gradient of texture and can be positioned to accentuate the contours of your ear. 


Materials & Dimensions

Handcrafted in solid 14k yellow gold. Nickel & lead free.

1.5mm diamonds total of 0.048ct, DEF colorless, SI clarity.

Earring 3mm width, 5.7mm length

Flatback threaded labret:  Needle 1mm Thin (18 gauge), Length 6.5mm, Width 3mm, Holly Gray branded, 14K hallmarked.

Wearing Instructions

Insert the flatback labret first from the back. Screw on the front stud after.

Do not apply any force as the screw-on needle is 0.8mm thin.

If you experience any resistance in the midst of fully screwing on the stud, calmly unscrew the whole thing to realign the thread. Applying force will cause the needle to break. Don't be shy to reach out to us if you're having difficulties putting it on.

Before Purchasing

Refer to the image that explains the suitability of our labrets. It is not recommended for fresh, infected or stretched piercings. Labrets are best suited for piercings you do not intend to switch out often.


Sold singly.

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